Medieval English Hammered Farthings - Edward II: Berwick mint

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There was a mint set up in Berwick by David I of Scotland. Scottish coins were struck here until the town was captured and sacked by Edward I on March 30, 1296. Following the battle of Stirling Bridge on September 11 1297, the town was recaptured by the Scots, although they failed to recapture the castle. In the Spring of 1298 the English army returned and on the news of their approach, the Scots withdrew from the town. The English then occupied Berwick until 1318 when the Scots led by Douglas and Randolph captured the town. After the battle of Halidon Hill in July 1333 it once again was occupied by the English. The great majority of the coins (except Class 5 of Edward II) were struck from local dies and all the farthings produced at Berwick during this reign are extremely rare.

Edward II Farthing Berwick - 5

Date: 1310-1318
Mint: Berwick-on-Tweed
Type: Type 5

Diameter: 12-13.5mm
Weight: 0.29gm (5½ grains¹)

    Trifoliate crown. London dies from Type 2.
    "Long Cross" with three pellets in each quarter.
    Colon before VIL.

  Blunt. Type 5
  North Syll. 1162a
Scarcity: Extremely Rare

Guide Price:
  £125 (Fine)
  £325 (Very Fine)

Sold by:
  • (April '97) A fair example of this coin was sold by London Coin Auctions for £70.
  • (Oct '04) A very fine example of this coin (see photo above), formerly owned by Patrick Finn, was sold by Baldwins for £400.
  • (1987) An example of this coin was sold in New York by Stacks.
  • (Sept. '51) An example of this coin was displayed to the British Numismatic Society in 1948 and later offered for sale by Spinks Coin and Medal Bulletin (item: 5375).

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¹ SEABY, BA. (ed) 1948: Notes on English Silver Coins 1066-1648 to help
  collectors in their classification
(London, Seaby). pp 87

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